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CRM 2011 client scripting TypeScript definition file
xrm crm 2011 typescript javascript definition file

TypeScript definition file for Xrm.Page javascript library from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. Introduction blog post can be found here.

Simple manual (if you already have TypeScript installed):
1. Download the Xrm2011.d.ts file.
2. Add it to your project.
3. In your TypeScript code reference the definition file by adding
/// <reference path="Xrm2011.d.ts" />
on top of the file.

Advanced manual (if you don't have TypeScript installed):
1. Download & install the TypeScript plugin from here.
2. Optionally download & install the Web Essentials 2012 extension for Visual Studio 2012 for improved code handling.
3. Proceed with the Simple Manual

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